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On The Inside; Universal Studios advertisements

Universal Studios in California has a mock-up of an OV-10 on pontoons used in one of their shows (Waterworld?), and recent (Dec. 99) commercials on The Discovery Channel for their On The Inside series show a clip of it crashing (as part of the show) in association with their special about theme parks. Universal has also been

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Bronco Fest 99

(Photo courtesy John Hefty)   Whew!!! Well folks, Bronco Fest 99 has come and gone. By all accounts, it was a smashing success!! We had roughly 70 people, probably about 50 were OBA types... that's 50% attendance. Not too shabby! It's been just a few days, so we don't have many pictures or

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Combat Aircraft

Bob Dorr's excellent OV-10 article (with the help of OBA members Jack Ballard, IGOR and Benjie) appeared with lots of great photos, including a flight report by Bob Mason and additional info & great pics of YAF's YOV-10A project back from the NASA cylinder-flap days. By Mike Whaley September 1999

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