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Well folks, Bronco Fest 99 has come and gone. By all accounts, it was a smashing success!! We had roughly 70 people, probably about 50 were OBA types… that’s 50% attendance. Not too shabby! It’s been just a few days, so we don’t have many pictures or such in just yet… I have lots of scanning to do once all the pics get back from the developers… but there’s a lot to tell so it’ll be worth the wait. I know I’m still trying to recover from all the goings-on!! It was a real blast. Those of you who were there, please send your pictures and any stories/observations/ideas in to us as soon as you get a chance, for the benefit of those who couldn’t make it and the reminiscing of those who did. This page will be the chronicle of the event that some are saying really put OBA on the map. It will also help us to plan the next one so we can build on the many good things with this and improve on the few things that didn’t go perfectly.

Post-Bronco Fest reports, pictures, rumors and innuendos:

This message from John Hefty summed up the feelings of many, I’m sure:

Hello Everyone,

At BroncoFest, I got the chance to stand next to our very own OV-10 here at the museum. I almost felt as if I was a part owner, as a lifetime member of the OV-10 Bronco Association. I was very impressed with the commitment of the people behind this undertaking. Many thanks to them and to all others who joined, participated, or donated to this exciting project. I was also impressed with the credentials of those who attended. This group has a lot of potential!

John Hefty
“Duke” VMO-2 1974

Technically the bird belongs to Texas Air Command, not the OBA, but many of our members and friends are associated with working on this particular plane.

Don’t forget to send in your reports and/or pictures!!

Miscellaneous Leftovers:

Final Event Schedule

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