The Mother of All FAC Reunions
Sept. 21-24, 2000
Ft. Walton Bch., FL


What a great time!!

The Mother of All FAC Reunions (or Mother FAC-R) has come and gone, and boy, did it ever live up to its billing!! There were something like 700 attendees, virtually all of whom were FACS in the USAF during the war in Southeast Asia. Despite getting hit by Tropical Storm Helene early on Friday morning, it was a great time!! The OBA’s participation was sucessful beyond all expectations, and we made many, many new friends and introduced our group to a whole new audience. Representing the OBA were Grump, Igor, Merlin, and Joe Copalman, and we met with several current OBA members – Jim Carlton, Glenn Wright, Angela Bennett, Bill Sleigh, Earle Mayfield, Jack Norton, Howard Pierson, Ken Semmler (all the way from Australia!), Darrel Whitcomb, Charlie Yates and Fred Zickrick – and were pleased to have much energetic participation by a couple of brand-new members – Ned “Crash” Helm and John “Buffalo FAC” Lee.

We gained quite a few new members – at least thirteen!!! – during the reunion. Some names I have available right now are Howard Kravetz (one of the first 6 AF OV-10 drivers), Mary Ann Harrison (wife of “A Lonely Kind of War” author Marshall Harrison, and a Trustee at the Texas Tech Dept. of Vietnam War Studies), and Terry Tabor (Life member from Colleyville, TX).

The memorial dedication was a truly historic event as well, and will never be forgotten by those honored enough to be present at this historic and emotionally charged occasion.

We are still trying to recover from the long hours of activity, so full reports will be posted here soon. I have at least 9 rolls of film to develop and scan, Igor has lots too, and there are several after-action reports and photo essays in the works from some of us. This truly may be the biggest FAC reunion there ever was, or ever will be again!! A great time was had by all and nobody went home feeling anything other than blown away by the whole deal. The OBA heartily thanks all the many, many people who made this happen and made us feel so welcome.

“Personally, I have never had such a good time while being so damn sick.” – Joe Copalman


Post-Bronco Fest reports, pictures, rumors and innuendos:

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