SUMMARY:  OBA acquires the original full-size OV-10 factory mockup – this is the very first Bronco! Funds needed immediately – donate and get some nifty benefits while preserving an important piece of history.

It gives me great pleasure to announce the OV-10 Bronco Association’s acquisition of the first OV-10 factory mock up. The item is significant since it is the genesis of all production Broncos ever produced. It is rare that such a wood and metal item like this survives beyond production. It is rarer still that a full scale mock up survives 36 years, since 1964, to become a display item in a museum.

We are indeed fortunate to have had this item survive the years and equally fortunate to have had an OBA member discover its existence. Over the last several weeks, OBA members have engaged in reconnaissance visits and negotiations with the owner. Eventually a purchase was agreed to. Much work lies ahead and we need your help.

The purchase agreement requires full payment in six months. Our treasury allows us to make the down payment, but we need to raise funds to complete the transaction, ship the airframe and reassemble it here in Texas. We estimate these costs to be $25,000.

Here’s how you can help. First the painless way. If you have a reward card from Tom Thumb grocery store, please consider having our account number, 9199, affixed to your card. Every purchase you make will automatically credit 1% to us.

Now the hard way. Details aren’t completely worked out yet, but we are forming the “Bronco Roundup” Historic Aircraft Preservation Fund. Any amount you can afford to donate to the preservation and restoration of this mock up will be gratefully accepted. Since we are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, any donation to this fund will be fully tax deductible. We are developing a tiered donation program complete with premiums in appreciation of your gifts and a system for recognition.

Any amount no matter how small will be gratefully accepted. Any person donating $50.00 earns a “Wrangler” designation, a certificate and an OBA millennium patch. A $100.00 donation earns a “Bronco Buster” designation, certificate and a copy of the historic video, “OV-10 in Perspective” produced by Rockwell International. A donation of $250.00 will be designated a “Drover” and will receive the certificate, a custom golf shirt with special logo and have their name inscribed on a plaque as part of a permanent display at the museum. $500.00 donations will be considered “Trail Boss’s” and will receive either a distinctively embroidered jacket or brief case, plus certificate and inscription on the permanent plaque. The highest level of donation, $1,000 or more will earn the distinction of “Rancher.” The donor will receive a wooden model of the mock up, plus a choice of shirt, jacket or brief case along with certificate and plaque inscription.

As one member pointed out, “if only 200 people donated $125.00, we will meet our goal.” We need your help, whether you are a member or not. In fact, I will go one better. I will probably get in trouble for this but this is important. If you are a non member and donate $100 or more, I will include a year’s membership at no charge. If you are a member and donate $100 or more, I will extend your membership one year.

We can accept cash, checks, money orders and credit cards, almost anything of value. In fact, we can take your tax deductible donation by credit card and spread it over six months. Don’t delay, we have a limited time to insure the OBA acquires this valuable piece of your heritage. This is a great opportunity for all of us, join the “roundup” and help bring this Bronco home.

Please help. Call write or email us today. Pledge an amount by years end to take advantage of your tax deductible charitable donation. It’s your history, help us preserve it.

Thanks for listening and Merry Christmas.


P.S. – I’ve included a “then and now” picture so you can see how much work we have ahead of us. Don’t forget, call, write or email today.

Jim “Grump” Hodgson
OV-10 Bronco Association
505 NW 38th Street
Hangar 33s
Fort Worth, TX 76106
(800) 575-0535