OBA Update – August 8, 2001

Hi folks,

This will be the last Bronco Roundup Update. We will officially end the roundup September 1st, but I wanted you to have a last chance to help us bring the factory mockup home and get your name on the commemorative plaque that will be part of the memorial.

We have raised not quite $21,000 of the $25,000 we wanted to raise. Right now we need to scratch up a little more to bring it home and start restoring this marvel.

I took a trip to California to inspect the mockup a couple of weeks ago. When I first saw it through the fence, my heart sunk. It looked so sad sitting amongst a pile of junk that I was afraid we had made a horrible mistake. Then my son, nephew and I got closer and started looking around. I went right to the cockpit, as we had no idea what was still there. To my amazement, the forward cockpit looked to be intact. Then I began to realize the beauty of this piece. The instruments are all there. Of course they are made of wood with the faces pasted on and the gunsight is wood and plastic and the control levers are all carved of wood too. The more we looked the more fascinated we became.

The tires and wheels are solid wood. They have a little grain showing, but there they are, intact, as are the wooden antenna and wooden guns and propellers and yes, a wooden ejector rack. It is a wonderful example of craftsmanship and full scale model making.

I am so proud of all of you for making this purchase possible. It is a rare find and a rare beauty. Now we just have to get it home and restore it to its proper place in Bronco history. But we can’t delay much longer.

I am reminded of the words of Lord Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts:

“We only have a short time to live, so it is essential to do things that are worthwhile and to do them now.”

The corral closes on the roundup September 1st.

Best regards,

Jim “Grump” Hodgson
OV-10 Bronco Association
505 NW 38th Street
Hangar 33s
Fort Worth, TX 76106
(800) 575-0535