Hi folks,

As most of you are aware we just sent out the Summer 2002 issue of the Bronco Flyer. Unfortunately, you didn’t all get one. Some of you have moved and we didn’t know that, so we got them back. Some of you moved so long ago the P.O. isn’t forwarding your mail any longer.

So, if you didn’t get your new and improved issue of the Bronco Flyer, let me know and I will send one out, as long as supplies last. We want to make sure we have good addresses on you since we will soon be sending out info on next year’s Bronco Fest IV. We haven’t nailed down a date yet, but it will be in October here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Oh yes, we have completely lost track of a few of our members. If you know the whereabouts of any of the following, please let us know.


Jim Hodgson
OBA Sec/Treasurer

Missing Addresses:

Randy Thurman – 23 TASS
Ronald Krieger – CDF
Joe Baker – VMO-2
Floyd Lewis – VMO-2