Hi folks,

Over last weekend, your Board of Directors met for its annual meeting at our museum at the Vintage Flying Museum in Fort Worth. We covered a broad range of subjects. I won’t bore you with all the details, but wanted to inform you of a few significant items.

Bronco Fest IV is set. It will take place October 10-12, 2003 in Fort Worth, Texas. A specific site has not been selected but planning is under way. Details t follow, but you can mark it on you calendar.

As plans go forward with our museum expansion, mockup restoration and educational programs, our activities are taking on new directions. To more effectively handle these developments, the Board chose to make some modification to our management structure.

Ron Fix was elected to a two year term as our Chairman of the Board of Directors. Tim Sikorski continues as President and Tom Kemp remains as Vice President. The Board formed a new position of Executive Director to handle day-to-day operations. I will fill that position and report directly to the President. Terry Tabor, former 23 TASS member is assuming the position of Treasurer. We are looking for someone to assume the duties of corporate Secretary. If you are interested in serving in that position, please let me know.

Tom Kemp reported the the mockup restoration work, under his and Jack Thompson’s direction, is moving along nicely. With the help of a local Marine Engineer Battalion, most of the mockup has been moved to the Lockheed plant in Fort Worth. A group of retired Lockheed employees have been spearheading the work. We look forward to having the mockup back in the hangar for BF IV. The work won’t be finished, but we have come a long way from the pile of part you saw last year.

Build out work will begin soon on the new museum space. The overall plan is to dedicate sections of the “readyroom” to individual services and operators. In addition, we will have exhibits on development, foreign and civilian operators. If you are interested in helping organize and interpret various exhibits, let me know. Lots of work ahead if we want it ready for BF IV.

All around the world celebrations are being planned to commemorate the Centennial of Flight in 2003. We plan to announce a series of presentations at our monthly 3rd Saturday meeting to take part in the festivities. These will be announced soon.

That is about it for now. Stay tuned for more news.

Best regards,

Jim Hodgson
Executive Director