October 2005 (Vol. 41, No. 10)

Air Classics Magazine, October 2005 (Vol. 41, No. 10) is featuring Rick Clemen’s OV-10 Bronco, the first privately owned Bronco in North America. The Bronco is featured on the “Contents” page. It is shown flying over Lake Tahoe being flown by Lee “Thumper” Griffin Juan Redick is riding shotgun. The “Cactus Air Force” Bronco is a B model that’s been restored back to an A model and put into VMO-2 colors.

This plane, which we were proud to host at BroncoFest V, will also be the subject of an upcoming article in Warbirds International Magazine.

(Thanks to Dr. Melvin Clouser of the Cactus Air Force for the heads up!)