Terry Tabor resigns, Jim Hodgson fills in as Acting President

By OBA Staff

The OBA Board of Directors has announced on March 22, 2010 that effective immediately, OV-10 Bronco Association president Terry Tabor has resigned his positions as the organization’s President, board member, and FAC Association Reunion Chairman. Terry and his wife Marilyn have a number of changes and obligations happening in their lives right now which need their full attention, and he had actually been putting off dealing with some of that in order to deal with the ongoing efforts to re-open the museum in it’s new location. Terry has done a great job since taking over the post from Jim Hodgson in April 2009, managing to “herd the cats” effectively through a difficult time in the history of our organizations as we left the VFM and negotiated the move into our new location, followed by the efforts to bring the new facility on-line.
OBA Board Chairman Chuck Burin has asked Jim Hodgson to fill in as OBA’s acting President through the end of May. We are thankful that Terry has indicated a desire to remain available to help out with the Cowtown Warbird Roundup and on some projects at the museum, and of course he remains our good friend. We sincerely thank Terry for his superb service to our organization, and wish him the very best with this new direction.