By Mike Whaley

Fidel Rama’s Amazing Scale Bronco Taking Shape


Awesome Aluminum Bronco Model From Spain Fidel Rama’s Amazing Scale Bronco Taking Shape

Lots of folks build models of Broncos, but once in a while we see something that really takes our breath away. This model from Fidel Rama in Spain is one of those! It’s a 1/4 scale R/C (as in, flying!) model, and is actually made entirely of aluminum! Fidel’s company, Badel Metalmodel, makes large aluminum R/C aircraft kits. Other offerings include a large Canadair CL-415 water bomber (with working water drop) and a Focke Wulf Fw-190, among others. For the large size and complexity, the prices seem quite reasonable as well. Check them out at


Amazing construction, just like the real aircraft!

The canopy of the Bronco is often the hardest part for modelers to get right. Just look at all those parts!

Quarter scale yields a rather large model… that’s a 10 foot wingspan!

The rear cockpit area. Wow.

The landing gear is another area that really affects the overall realism. Obviously, realism is NOT a problem here!