Event goes well, major announcements by OBA

By OBA Staff

On Thursday the 18th, the OBA Board of Directors met for the annual meeting. During that meeting several significant decision were made. In addition, we announced some exciting things during the event! A brief summary:

  • Mockup now in the museum – Restoration to be organized soon.
  • OBA Annex created – Chuck Burin has established OBA displays at the American Wings Museum outside Minneapolis, which is predominantly an OV-1 Mohawk museum. The board unanimously decided to designate the OV-10 section of the museum an “OBA Annex.” More news on this later.
  • OBA adds two new Wings:
    • The Venezuelan Wing of the OBA (VWOBA) is comprised of our friends in the Special Operations Group 15 of the Venezuelan Air Force.
    • The Colombian Wing of the OBA (CWOBA) was formed from the Colombian OV-10 Pilots Association, under the guidance of Jorge Gutierrez.
  • Changes to OBA Board of Directors:
    • Board expanded to 8 members – primarily to spread out the workload. Each member to be responsible for different areas of the Association’s business.
    • New members elected to Board:
      • Gordy “Bear” Evans – former Marine VMO-2 member and OBA Lifer with a long history of business and financial planning experience.
      • Ashby Shoop – former Marine from VMO-1 and 6, currently working for Boeing with a background in law and the aerospace industry.
      • Mike “Merlin” Whaley – current WEB Master and founder of OBA.
    • All existing directors are still serving:
      • Ron “SandDollar” Fix (USMC VMO-2)
      • Jim “Grump” Hodgson (USMC VMO-2)
      • Tom Kemp (USAF 23 TASS)
      • Tim Sikorski (USN VAL-4)
      • Chuck “Igor” Burin (USMC VMO-2)
  • Changes to OBA Executive Board:
    • Tim Sikorski is new president, former prez Ron Fix to remain as Director
    • Tom Kemp is new VP
    • Jim Hodgson remains as Secretary/Treasurer.
  • Bronco Buster Award for 2001 goes to Jim “Grump” Hodgson
  • OBA Birthday changed – OBA’s birthday changed from the legal date of incorporation of July 10th to the new, official date of July 16th – the date in 1965 when the OV-10 first flew.
  • Membership issues: We need YOU to take an active role in YOUR organization! We are growing, and need your help more than ever. Any help is good help, even if you can only spare a small bit of time, money, or knowledge. Please, step up and make a difference!

We had great weather and a great time. We have continuing coverage of BroncoFest and various reports from it posted on the BroncoFest III Homepage, including links to Merlin’s running commentary on BroncoFest III (written in large part from on-scene) and extensive photo essays of the event and the local environs.

More coverage of BroncoFest III and topics related to it will be added to this site for quite a while, as participants gets pictures developed, we finalize some ideas and plans, and we all work through the backlog of important work that came out of this massive undertaking. Stay tuned!