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 U.S. Air Force

U.S. Air Force homepage

 U.S. Air Force – Air Combat Command

(formerly Tactical Air Command) – the Image Bank is awesome!
 U.S. Air Force – Air Combat Command

(formerly Tactical Air Command) – the Image Bank is awesome!

 U.S. Marine Corps

U.S. Marine Corps Homepage
 U.S. Navy

U.S. Navy Homepage

 Royal Thai Air Force

Royal Thai Air Force Homepage

 Venezuelan Air Force (FAV) – Grupo Aereo de Operaciones Especiales No. 15

The 15th SOG squadron of the Venezuelan Air Force… the famous Bronqueros!

 Colombian Air Force (FAC) – Fuerza Aérea Colombiana

Cool site, but it is all in Spanish.

 NASA Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field(Created 05/05/01)   

This was formerly known as Lewis Research Center. They used to operate OV-10s, and stil have them stored.

 NASA Langley Research Center(Created 05/05/01)   

This center operates OV-10s as part of the CERES project.

 U.S. State Department(Created 05/05/01)   

Operates OV-10Ds in counternarcotics operations

 California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF)(Created 05/05/01)   

Operates OV-10As as command platforms for CDF’s firebombers.

 German Wing of the OV-10 Bronco Association(Updated 08/01/01)   

Internet home of our mighty German Wing, which operates two flying OV-10Bs. Many cool pictures of German OV-10Bs in their role as target tugs.

505th TCG – Tactical Air Controllers Site(Updated 05/05/01)   

An amazing resource, with tons of info on the 19th through 23rd Tactical Air Support Squadrons, many of which flew OV-10s.

 Rustic website (19 TASS)(Updated 05/05/01)   

Website for the USAF 19th TASS (Rustics) that was based in Ubon, Thailand and operated in Cambodia.

 Covey FACs (20th TASS)(Updated 05/05/01)   

Website for the USAF’s 20th TASS, aka Coveys.

 The Raven FACs(Updated 05/05/01)   

The legendary FACs based in Laos that officially didn’t exist. Cool stuff!

 NAS Grosse Ile(Updated 05/08/01)   

Former home of VMO-4 before they moved to Atlanta. Website by Stanley Outlaw

 Black Pony Site (VAL-4)(Created 05/05/01)   

Bob Peetz’s cool website for the Navy squadron that flew the OV-10.

 Marine Observation Squadron Two (VMO-2)(Created 05/05/01)   

An extensive website dedicated to the USMC squadron that was the largest OV-10 operator in history.

 Gary Gentzler’s VMO-6 Photo Journal(Created 05/05/01)   

Gunny passed away in 1999, but this cool site lives on in his honor. Some great Bronco shots in a photo journal of VMO-6 in Japan during the 1970s.

 Scarface – the HML-367 / VMO-3 site(Created 05/05/01)   

A Marine helo unit that is familiar to many OV-10 people.

 HMM-365 Site(Updated 05/05/01)   

HMM-365 = Helicopter Squadron (H=Helicopter, M=Marine, M=Medium). Many Bronco pilots/ground crews were in this unit. Lots of neat and unusual info.

 Misty FACs(Created 05/13/02)   

Online home of the “Misties,” who performed the fast-FAC mission from F-100Fs. Misty alumni include MOH recipient Bud Day and the first man to fly around the world non-stop, Dick Rutan. Watch for their book in fall 2002!

 USMC 1st MAW site(Created 05/05/01)   

For alumni of the First Marine Air Wing.

 ANGLICO Association(Created 05/22/01)   

The Air Naval Gunfire Liason Companies were Marine units tasked with controlling naval fire support for the Army and other U.S. Allies. 1st ANGLICO provided air observers to Air Force, Marine, and Navy OV-10 squadrons in Vietnam. Provides a good history of the companies.

 VMFA-333 Association(Created 08/02/09)   

VMFA-333… the Trip Treys are also known as The World Famous Fighting Shamrocks. As they say on their website, “Freedom is not free… but the U.S. Marine Corps will pay most of your share…”

 Forward Air Controller’s Association(Created 05/22/01)   

Born at the “Mother of All FAC Reunions” in September of 2000, this organization is dedicated exclusively to the history of the FAC mission. Expect good things, including a book on the history of FACing. – The Marine Guest Book(Created 05/05/01)   

Lots of contacts, message boards, chat rooms, links, etc.

 Associated Airtanker Pilots (AAP)(Updated 05/05/01)   

Website devoted to aerial firefighting. See also the link to CDF.

 Thai-Laos-Cambodia Brotherhood(Created 05/05/01)   

Site for vets, friends, and families of SEA.

 Maney Aircraft(Created 05/05/01)   

a Boeing-approved company that services, supports, and makes parts for OV-10s (and several other aircraft.) They also sponsor the Flyer newsletter.

 The Air Commando Site(Created 05/05/01)   

Great and fairly extensive site about Air Commandos and Special Ops, with much of interest to the OV-10 community.

 Society of Combat Search and Rescue.(Updated 05/17/02)   

OV-10s were often involved in SARs throughout the Bronco’s service with the US Air Force and Marines. Internet home of those who flew “so others may live.”

 Marine Corps Aviation Reconnaissance Association(Created 05/06/01)   

A good site dedicated to all USMC recce squadrons, including VMOs.

 Marine Executive Association(Created 08/02/09)   

The Marine Executive Association is a national, volunteer, non-profit organization of former and current active duty Marines who provide assistance to Marines transitioning from active duty to reserve/retired status, leaving the Corps at the end of obligated service or moving from one civilian career/job to another. MEA provides a network of “Marines helping Marines” to assist transitioning Marines to move toward their future.

 International Bird Dog Association(Updated 03/07/02)   

Founded in 1984, the IBDA’s mission is to preserve and perpetuate the history of the L-19/O-1, as well to allow Bird Dog owners to network with another. They hosted a Bird Dog fly-in in 2000 in Iowa. 46 Bird Dogs showed up! Pictures can be seen on the website.

 NASM’s O-2A page(Created 05/05/01)   

A good little writeup on the other pod-and-boom FAC aircraft.

 The Skyraider Site(Created 05/05/01)   

THE site for the good, the bad, and the oily. Home of both the A-1 Skyraider Association and the neat Skyraider Combat Journal. WAY cool logo!

 West Sander’s U-17 Site(Created 05/05/01)   

U-17s (militarized Cessna 180s) were used for many duties in Vietnam.

 A-4 Skyhawk Association(Updated 05/06/01)   

“Heinemann’s Hot Rod,” “Scooter,” “Bantam Bomber;” call it what you will. The A-4 is alive and well at this site. A personal favorite of your Linkmeister.

 The OV-1 Mohawk Association(Created 05/05/01)   

“The Other OV” – If I only had a nickel for everytime someone asked me if I flew Mohawks…

 A-37 Association(Created 05/05/01)   

Some of the TASS squadrons replaced their OV-10s with the Dragonfly in the 1980s for FAC work.

 The Vintage Flying Museum (Home of the OV-10 Bronco Association)(Created 05/06/01)   

  Our home, as well as home to “Chuckie,” VFM’s B-17G Pathfinder. Well known for their Big Band Hangar Dances.

 North Texas Association of Aviation Museums(Created 05/08/01)   

  “dedicated to the preservation of the rich aviation history of North Texas.” Links to sites affiliated with NOTAAM, including us! A good organization.

 Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation & Aviation Museum(Created 01/10/02)   

  Located at MCAS Miramar and home to several Marine Air veterans, including OV-10D+ 155494. An excellent collection of artifacts, artwork, and aircraft.

 Pima Air & Space Museum(Created 05/05/01)   

  Located in Tucson, AZ and home to former USMC OV-10D, BuNo 155499. Website has photos of their EXTENSIVE collection of aircraft.

 The Virtual Aircraft Museum(Created 05/05/01)   

  This site is in four languages!

 Smithsonian National Air And Space Museum(Created 05/05/01)   

  The mother of all flight/space museums, located of course in Washington D.C.

 U.S. Air Force Museum(Created 05/05/01)   

  Located at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, this is another of the truly great museums.

 Texas Air Museum(Created 05/06/01)   

  Texas Air Museum has three locations – Rio Hondo (near Harlingen), Slaton (near Lubbock) & San Antonio. “TAM focuses on the unusual… the lesser known aspects of aviation history.”

 The Virtual Wall(Updated 06/04/09)   

  Remembrances, poems, photos, letters, and citations honoring those named on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, DC.

 The Vietnam Memorial Wall Online(Updated 05/10/01)   

  A real eye-opener. Friends. Loved ones. Heroes. Check it out.

 The National Museum of the Vietnam War(Created 05/05/01)   

  Located only 40 miles from OBA’s HQ, this project is being spearheaded by the Ft. Wolters Chapter of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association.

 American Wings Air Museum(Updated 11/08/01)   

  Located in Blaine, Minnesota, the American Wings museum is very active in the OV-1 Mohawk community. It is also the host of OBA’s new Minneapolis Annex.

 Flight History(Created 03/04/02)   

  Flight-History is dedicated to capturing aviation history, and feature a growing collection of photographs, artwork, stories and aircraft specifications. The aerospace museums/attractions listing is one of the most extensive we’ve ever seen!


 Benjie’s OV-10 People Locator (Created 05/05/01)   
We were going to do this on this site (still plan on it, if we ever get the time!) but OBA Listkeeper Eric “Benjie” Raymond has his big list of OV-10 folks from all services posted on his cool site, sorted by service. This is the place to go first if you are trying to find someone!
 Boeing’s OV-10 Page (Created 05/05/01)   
They own North American and Rockwell’s stuff now. Tech overview.
 Southeast Asia Callsign Project (Created 05/22/01)   
A great resource. Definitely worth a look.
 U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery School (Created 05/05/01)   
This site has aircraft recognition pages.
 The Ordnance Shop (Created 05/05/01)   
Excellent site concerning aircraft weaponry and ordnance, including their specs, uses, dimensions, etc. Extremely detailed yet extremely readable, a must-view for military aviation fans.
 Federation of American Scientists (Created 05/05/01)   
Amazing variety of research material. Covers everything from OV-10s and military resources to government secrecy to intelligence to biotechnology to space research.
 Dalley Book Service (Created 05/06/01)   
Publisher dedicated to providing serious students of the Vietnam War with primary- and secondary-source material. Examples include CHECO reports and the like.
 One Tough Ride: The Story Of The OV-10 Bronco (Created 07/07/09)   
This excellent documentary film was produced by OBA member Jami “Hollywood” Clayman. You can learn more about this 42 minute film, view and download film clips and interviews, and purchase it on DVD at the website
 U.S. Government Reports on Colombian Anti-Narcotics Operations (Updated 03/23/02)   
 Aviation Collectibles of Texas (Created 05/05/01)   
Owned by OBA’s own Jim “Grump” Hodgson, ACT has lots of OV-10 and other vintage aviation memorabilia
 Pacific Aircraft (Created 05/05/01)   
Offers a handcarved OV-10 desk model, along with scores of lesser planes.  The E-Zone (Created 05/05/01)   
My favorite R/C website and mailing list – electric planes and related things, updated monthly
 Moshe Lemer’s Paper 1/32 Scale OV-10 (Updated 08/03/03)   
Don’t let the fact it’s amde of paper fool you… this project is more accurate than many of the plastic kits out there! Way cool, check it out.
 Felix Lopez’s Bronco Construction Pages (Updated 07/16/01)   
Felix Lopez built a 40-inch span R/C Bronco powered by two Norvel .074 engines. He documented the construction process on his website. Neat!
 The RCeFlyer by Mike Stewart (Created 05/05/01)   
Electric powered R/C aircraft
 Rich Uravitch Models (Created 05/05/01)   
Rich designed two very popular sport-scale R/C Broncos, kitted by Hobby Hangar.
 Hobby Hangar (Created 05/05/01)   
They produce the very popular Uravitch OV-10 R/C kit.  Tigerhound Memoir (Created 05/06/01)   
Jim Gordon’s memoir of his stint as an intel specialist with the Coveys of the 20th TASS. Great original photos as well!
 Eye of the Storm (Created 05/05/01)   
The story of Maj. Joseph Small, an OV-10A pilot shot down during Desert Storm
 Library of Congress POW Research Page (Created 05/05/01)   
Library of Congress POW Research Page
 Thirty Thousand Feet (Created 05/05/01)   
One of the best aviation sites I’ve seen, period. Good content, no slow graphics. GO!
 Arizona Flyways (Updated 05/06/01)   
Great links and articles!
 Kennon Aircraft Covers Aviation Links (Created 05/06/01)   
Large, nice list of links to aviation stuff of all kinds.
 The Kitchen Table Gang (Updated 05/06/01)   
this low-key group donates magazine subscriptions to VA hospitals to give our veterans something to do while they’re being treated. Check ’em out.
   Merlin’s Homepages (Created 05/05/01)   
  What makes your Webmaster tick.
   The Cow’s Virtual Nightmare Scrapbook (Updated 05/06/01)   
  The Cow is a former OV-10 driver who is now the C.O. of VMA-513, a Harrier unit based in Yuma. This site is his personal journal of his tenure as skipper of the Nightmares. Excellent site.
   Peter Bird’s Flying Pages (Created 05/05/01)   
  has info on Vietnam and the Air Force
   Capt. Wan Wing Lo ARVN (Ret.) (Created 05/05/01)   
  author of the book I Got Your Buckin’ Bronco Right Here!
   Joe Baugher’s Homepage (Created 05/06/01)   
  Personal site of an aviation enthusiast and self-described “aircraft serial number freak” that contains large tables of both USAF and USN/MC aircraft serial numbers, including OV-10s. Worth a look.
 Aeroplane magazine (Created 06/01/01)   
This is an excellent warbird magazine that tracks restoration projects and historic/classic aircraft from the 1800s to the modern day, often with very in-depth articles. A primary source of info on current aircraft projects worldwide.