This page will record the evolution of this site and track all significant changes. Check back here next time you visit OV-10Bronco.Net to see what the latest updates are!

Last update to this site: 
January 3, 2019
History of significant updates to this site:

January 3rd 2019
Redesign of entire OV-10 website. Including mobile friendly and seo indexing.

11/30/01 Added fields for two authors and three URLs to the News module.
11/28/01 Converted OBA Updates and Wing Updates to use database, changed all links to new system. Also cleaned up all links to old story URLS throughout site.
11/12/01 Converted Stories section to use database, made misc. improvements to displays of all database-driven pages.
11/09/01 Added maps to Museum Homepage.
11/08/01 Updated Museum homepage, added link to Museum Collections Policy document, tweaked contact points on site homepage.
11/07/01 Posted Heeter’s BF3 photos, reorganized all BroncoFest 99 photos into dedicated directory; moved all BF99-related stuff from Stories area to BF99 area.
11/02/01 Posted full listing of BF3 attendees.
11/01/01 Created new areas for Venezuelan and Colombian Wings. Made various changes to entire OBA area, including posting new OBA application.
10/31/01 Updated BroncoFest III area with photo essay, attendees, etc.
10/17/01 Completed MAJOR rennovation to News, Events, Media, and Thought of the Day areas. All these areas now come from a common database, with separate detail pages.
NOTE: Since the above-listed sections are now more automated, we will not record the entry of new items for those sections on this page. All hot items will appear on the site’s home page, and the most recent updates for each section is listed on its archive page. The site history page will continue to record changes in the site design and the like.

09/18/01 One week later, and still, nobody can believe the enormity of what has happened in NYC and DC and PA, nor can we yet really come to terms with what the future may hold. But we do know that God is in control, and these things don’t go unanswered for. We will go on boldly!!!!
09/11/01 Terrorist attack message and minor additions to BF3 schedule.

08/24/01 Updated BroncoFest III Schedule with a lot more details.
08/09/01 Added some news, 8/8/01 OBA update, changed Boomer’s email throughout site to new address.
08/03/01 Fixed broken T.05 page.

JULY 2001
07/04/01 Happy Birthday, America!

JUNE 2001
06/28/01 Added OBA Update about final purchase of OV-10 Mockup.
06/27/01 Added scanned copies of BroncoFest III registration form to site.
06/22/01 Added T.C. Antonsen’s info to the Morocco page.
06/02/01 New Lead article about Bronco Roundup.
06/01/01 Updated Roundup contributors and added to Media and Thought of the Day.

MAY 2001
05/09/01 Made new database-driven links page live, added “Thought of the Day” area to homepage.
05/05/01 Added Colombia upgrade news and updated Bronco Roundup numbers. Coulda done more but hey, it’s my birthday so I’m being lazy 🙂

APRIL 2001
04/13/01 Changed front page over to “newspaper” format.
04/12/01 Added “specials” section to menu, so users could see old special editions of the site.
04/02/01 Converted FAQ to use database. This will make it a lot esaier to keep it updated!!

MARCH 2001
03/26/01 Created a template-based header for all pages. It’ll be easier to manage the site now!
03/17/01 Added Miramar Air Show info to events list.
03/07/01 Bronco Fest III Update.
03/05/01 Bronco Roundup Update.
03/04/01 Took down the Desert Storm 10th Anniversary page; announced Metroplex OBA meeting change; events update.

02/28/01 Some updates this month, but all were behind the scenes!

01/24/01 Took down the Thomas-Carr story (it was an AH-1 crash site).
01/21/01 Updated the Roundup page.
01/15/01 Posted Desert Storm 10th anniversary page.
01/09/01 Linked to Benjie’s people locator, minor updates to Roundup page, added stories.
01/06/01 Added Roundup fundraising thermometer to home page.
01/03/01 Added OBA Update about BF3 date change.
01/04/01 Updated OBA roundup page.

12/20/00 Added updated enlistment form, created page for BroncoFest 2001.
12/19/00 Update posted (OBA acquires OV-10 mockup), a ton of technical changes behind the scenes. Your fearless webmaster is going to go bald soon if he keep pulling his hair out like this!
12/10/00 Created separate pages for non-US Bronco operators.
12/09/00 New OBA update, converted International OV-10 page to database format.
12/04/00 Updated the news and media pages.

11/22/00 Went back to normal format, converted site to have truly random banners.
11/11/00 Veteran’s Day version of homepage.
11/06/00 Official announcement of BF III.

10/27/00 Added Brophy’s F-4 “brake failure” story.
10/04/00 Posted Grump’s FAC Reunion after-action report.
10/03/00 Completely rebuilt and expanded OBA section; posted announcement of formation of PWOBA.

09/26/00 Tweaked info on USMC area.
09/16/00 Added Rolfe Hunt’s story “The Last Rocket”, changed Stories index page layout.
09/12/00 OBA/GWOBA area restructured so we can do frequent GWOBA updates, posted new GWOBA update.
09/04/00 Updated mailing list page; added link to Texas Air Museum site.

08/13/00 Changed look of index page – added front view of Colombian Bronco to top; added Suicide Missions program info to videos page.
08/05/00 Misc. formatting changes on homepage, updated News, Media and Event items, new CL model plans listed, added 2 books to books page.

JULY 2000
07/27/00 Posted History Channel “Suicide Missions – Forward Air Controllers” show alert.
07/23/00 Posted GWOBA Update (The engines run!)
07/09/00 Posted OBA Update (Ron’s OBA Birthday message.)
07/05/00 Posted link to Kennon Aircraft Covers link list.
07/04/00 OBA Birthday party invitation posted.

JUNE 2000
06/30/00 Updated David Aungst’s email address.
06/23/00 Created new German Wing OBA page.
06/18/00 Official Announcement of the German Wing of the OBA.
06/07/00 Completed converting (almost) all picture entries to database format (what a total PITA that was! *whew!*) Added link to Colombian AF website.
06/02/00 The stats tell it all: we got 10,000 hits last month. Woohoo!!!

MAY 2000
05/31/00 Linked to 1st MAW site.
05/30/00 Added note from Patrick McCaslin to Thomas/Carr recovery story, updated contributors page.
05/26/00 Fixed bad links to Covey 87 story, cleaned up news.
05/11/00 Posted OBA update.
05/09/00 Posted info on The Gulf Between Us book.
05/08/00 Added lots of new links, linked to Maney’s new Bronco Flyer archives.

APRIL 2000
04/29/00 Posted Grump’s Venezuelan Broncofest report, corrected some OBA membership info.
04/09/00 New OBA Update, added web links.

MARCH 2000
03/26/00 Updated Palmer Plans info on models page.
03/17/00 Added info on H&MS-39/MALS-39, linked to The Ordinance Shop.
03/14/00 Added OBA update.
03/13/00 Added lots of VMO-6 pics, started second VMO-1 page, fixed minor code bugs.
03/09/00 Posted OV-10B pictures on technical page, added events section on first page.
03/02/00 Posted USAF T.O. 1-1-4.

02/21/00 Trader Jon memorial. Will this ever end?
02/13/00 Charles Shulz memorial.
02/09/00 Added link to model review on R/C model page.
02/08/00 Updated OBA pages.
02/07/00 Construction begins on the IBM (Infamous Bronco Model.)
02/02/00 Split model pages into sections.

01/31/00 Linked to Covey site.
01/29/00 Posted new OBA update.
01/18/00 Fixed stupid typo that was right in the first place on CDF pages until some idiot OV-10 webmaster thought he’d fix it… it’s ChiCo, not ChiNo, dang it!
01/16/00 Fixed broken picture links on BF99 pages, added some info to site index.
01/14/00 Created page for the Bronco PX.
01/08/00 Changed out the Y2K version of the site for the normal one, added LARA info, dates in Bronco history, and Pave Nail info to FAQ, added expanded VMO-2 history.
01/04/00 Created the Media Coverage and News archives, corrected a few things here and there.
01/02/00 Added Andrew Morrow’s VMO-2 pics, split VMO-2 page into two parts, added alphabetical index to contributors page.

12/31/99 Finished Y-to-K conversion and reflected back upon one GREAT year! Also updated to Y2K OBA membership form, posted Rich Uraitch’s giant R/C model info.
12/28/99 Added picture of Merlin’s Geekmobile, added Universal Studios Bronco testing story.
12/18/99 Added to and revamped the links page.
12/11/99 Posted OBA holiday message, Rolfe Hunt’s rocks story.
12/10/99 Posted special Christmas Edition of site.
12/08/99 Split up CDF page into several manageable sections and updated info.
12/04/99 Posted new CDF pic, corrected T.05 info.

11/24/99 Posted PDF version of OBA enlistment form, Thanksgiving message.
11/19/99 New NASA/CERES photo, minor updates.
11/19/99 Posted Igor’s BF99 pics.
11/07/99 New OBA Update… email buddies and lots of new members, fixed OBA form again (life membership discount extended!)
11/05/99 Updated FAQ with armament info from Brendan Searle.
11/04/99 Posted John Hefty’s note about BF99.
11/03/99 Posted BF99 attendees list, updated OBA form (life membership discount expired.)

10/31/99 Updated VMO-5 / HML-267 historical info.
10/28/99 Added to FAQ, added info on TAC OV-10 picture page.
10/26/99 Posted BF99 Pictures.
10/20/99 Posted OV-10A Flight checklists from Brendan Searle.
10/15/99 Posted my Bronco Fest report, new OBA update. The new web server software seems to have improved our performance too!
10/15/99 Created contributors page and began conversion of hyperlinks to use it.
10/12/99 Quickie Bronco Fest picture posting… more soon! (We need to finally get a little sleep!!)
10/07/99 Last minute Bronco Fest update.
10/06/99 OV-10C/RTAF page update, Bronco Fest update.
10/02/99 Bronco Fest update.
10/01/99 Corrected VMO-1 and Thailand/OV-10C info.

09/30/99 Posted new OBA update.
09/26/99 Created FAQ page.
09/23/99 K & A Models S-400 kit info added to models page.
09/22/99 Bronco Fest update.
09/16/99 Hurricane Floyd passes us by (we did lose power for a few hours though), new OBA update.
09/09/99 Totally revamped the Stories area, eliminated the news page in favor of the MOTD and index page news area, linked to the Tactical Air Controllers site, moved the Covey 87, VS-41, Laos and Pave Pogostick stories to that area.
09/09/99 The lost Laos flyers story, news updates, linked to American Wings Museum, created old MOTD area. We appear to have survived the 9-9-99 computer bug as well. 🙂
09/05/99 Added CERES logo and info to NASA page.
09/04/99 Revamped news area on index page.

08/27/99 Linked to
08/24/99 Bronco Fest update, Linked to Military Data Resource.
08/22/99 Restructured OBA area, added Email list info.
08/17/99 Added more NASA CERES pod pics.
08/15/99 Added info to USMC pic.
08/14/99 Added NASA pics.
08/12/99 Added Bronco Fest update, OBA update.
08/05/99 Added some YOV-10D info, updated VMO-5/HML-267 info.
08/04/99 Added link, put MOTD on its own page.

JULY 1999
07/31/99 Added new Academy scale model info.
07/30/99 Added David Aungst’s scale model info pages.
07/04/99 Linked to HMM-365 website.

JUNE 1999
06/31/99 Linked to new and improved Grosse Ile website.
06/28/99 Linked BF99 page to eGroups vault, added the real OBA update (membership update, OBA B-day, new members.)
06/27/99 Created Bronco Fest 99 page, added OBA update (VP change & Tim joins BOD.)
06/11/99 Added links to Ft. Wolter and Vietnam Museum groups.
06/06/99 Finished thumbnail conversions (Navy page was the last.) Updated the MOTD, added abstracts to OBA old update page.

MAY 1999
05/27/99 Posted 0BA update – GSA approval! Added link to eGroups Comm Link.
05/26/99 Added link to 704 TASS.
05/17/99 Posted OBA update – museum opened!!
05/10/99 Updated news on index page.
05/09/99 Simplified classified ad categories and added link to on ad submission page.
05/03/99 Added space for referring others to the OBA form.
05/02/99 Minor fix to OBA page layout.

APRIL 1999
04/18/99 Fixed some links to other sites.
04/10/99 Revamped OBA info page, minor corrections around site.
04/08/99 Posted OBA update.
04/07/99 Added a few things to the books page.
04/04/99 Added banner ad templates to site.
04/02/99 Back to normal.
04/01/99 Special edition: changed look, renamed OBA, gave out thousands of dollars in prizes to site visitors, and graduated Harvard with a PhD in Subsurface Container Production. Oh yeah, also updated the NASA page.

MARCH 1999
03/21/99 Added pics to VMO-1 page.
03/20/99 Added State Dept. tour report to site, updated NASA links to reflect domain name change from Lewis Research Center to Glenn Research Center.
03/19/99 Added VMO-6 and H&MS-36 pictures.
03/08/99 Converted Misc. page to thumbnails and eliminated duplicate entries.
03/07/99 Converted tech specs pages to thumbnails, corrected info on OBA update.
03/01/99 Added link to ANZUS reunion page.

02/20/99 Added OBA email button to index blocks.
02/20/99 Added VS-41 crash story. Minor corrections and updates to Navy page.
02/09/99 Added OBA update.

01/26/99 Added some links.
01/25/99 Converted CDF page to thumbnails (badly needed!)
01/14/99 Fixed minor errors on books and video pages.
01/11/99 Changed background of USAF pages.
01/06/99 Improved the index blocks. Fixed typos in classifieds section.
01/04/99 Updated CDF and BLM pages with aircraft info.
01/03/99 Added more pictures to models page.
01/02/99 Added pictures to models page.

12/31/98 Classified Ads section went online, revamped site index blocks.
12/07/98 Drastically expanded the book list format with information and online purchasing.

11/28/98 Put new contact info on OBA pages.
11/27/98 Updated site news, BLM, CDF, DOS/BATF pages.
11/26/98 Converted BLM page to thumbnail format. Added Thanksgiving message on OBA section.
11/13/98 Added new OBA update.
11/12/98 Added a link to the links page.

10/28/98 Completed thumbnail conversion for State Dept. page.
10/26/98 Added new OBA Update.
10/25/98 Completed thumbnail conversion for USAF and NASA pages.
10/23/98 Added info to the foreign Bronco list. Completed thumbnail conversion for all USMC pages.
10/17/98 Converted the USMC section to utilize clickable thumbnails… went from 12+ minutes to load to less than 2 (at 28.8K)
10/07/98 Added OBA newsletter/update pages and consistent index block to OBA area. Fixed counters, will pick up on previous count starting today.
10/06/98 Added pictures to the USMC section, OBA logo.
10/04/98 Added information about forums to the OBA section, updated the index blocks, updated site map, updated users index, and added to News page.

09/24/98 Minor corrections on a few pages.

08/27/98 Added some pics to the BLM pages.
08/22/98 Added information to USMC/USN squadron pages. Added more book info. Added more info to CDF page and list of CDF airframes.
08/20/98 Site finally re-set up as paying site. Added new OV-10 Association information and signup form.

JULY 1998
No changes due to circumstances beyond my control.

JUNE 1998
06/30/98 Added the Covey 87 story, the stories page, and Darrel Whitcomb book info. Also made front page title graphic into a marquee.
06/18/98 Added a little to the Navy section.
06/15/98 Added neat little dissolve feature between pages.
06/08/98 Added MOTD. Also have been working on the database behind the scenes, more info on the News page.
06/01/98 Added copyright notice and disclaimers to pages.

MAY 1998
05/29/98 Added News page; fixed Bob Peetz’s email address.
05/26/98 Added Book / Video pages; updated some things on Misc page.
05/25/98 Added more pictures of CDF Broncos undergoing complete rebuild.
05/24/98 Added my new callsign (Merlin) to contact info 🙂
05/22/98 Added technical data and tech pages for each Bronco model; finished updating pictures with new format.
05/21/98 Started updating pictures with new format, listing more info under each picture.
05/18/98 Fixed OV-10 Association pages with the correct name, added contribution guidelines to about page.
05/15/98 Added site map and OV-10 Association pictures page. Continued to convert site to Cold Fusion templates and standardized some things for a more consistent look.
05/14/98 Added technical info page and OV-10 tech report and press release from
05/13/98 Posted Pages for the Texas Air Command Museum / OV-10 Bronco Association, gave USMC section new look, and continued the move to Cold Fusion (.cfm) files (boy do I love CF!!)
05/12/98 Moved to Cold Fusion (.cfm) files to help make changes a lot easier and prepare for coming searchable databases and other neat stuff!!
05/07/98 Added to the models page.
05/05/98 Added links to big pics on CDF page to speed up viewing. It’s also Mike’s 25th birthday, in case anyone cares! 🙂
05/04/98 Added 23 new pics to CDF page, fixed some headers.
05/03/98 Added more info to armament training pics on USAF page.
05/01/98 Fixed misplaced picture on VMO-2 page – moved to VMO-1 page.

APRIL 1998
04/30/98 New OV-10Bronco.Net redwhite & blue logo added
04/29/98 Split USMC and US Navy pictures up into several separate pages
04/26/98 Split CDF and BLM pictures up into several separate pages
04/24/98 Moved to our new domain!