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Venezuelan Symposium, April 2000

Jim Hodgson's exciting trip to visit the South American version of Bronco Fest. We truly have many friends around the world! ©2000 Jim Hodgson, All Rights Reserved. 1830 CDT, April 12, 2000, American Airlines Flight 69 from MIA to DFW: I am returning home after four days in Venezuela. I am trying to make sense

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Research & Info Stories

There are many, many fascinating stories relating to Broncos in some way. They range from the true accounts of those put in incredible situations by the horrors of war, through your standard "And there I was" tales so often told by pilots, through downright comical adventures that are too bizzarre to accept as anything

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BroncoFest III A Complete Success

Event goes well, major announcements by OBA By OBA Staff On Thursday the 18th, the OBA Board of Directors met for the annual meeting. During that meeting several significant decision were made. In addition, we announced some exciting things during the event! A brief summary: Mockup now in the museum - Restoration to be organized soon.

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Dear Mom, Your Son Is Dead

Words to the Infamous Covey/Nail FAC song By Darrel Whitcomb [We hope to have music to this song available for download soon - Merlin]"Dear Mom, Your Son Is Dead" is one of the most famous of all FAC-related songs and reflects the fact that being a FAC was one of the most dangerous jobs in

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The Infamous Combat Skewer Project

(aka Pave Pogostick and Combat Lawndart) - This was either the most ingenious or the most utterly stupid idea of the Vietnam war. You be the judge. By Wan Wing Lo ©1998 Wan Wing Lo, All Rights Reserved.There is an interesting historical footnote about a fascinating but little-known test program that NASA Broncos N636NA and

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Revenge of The Ugly Duckling (Part 1)

A 'low and slow' Bronco pulls one over on an F-4 crew By Mark Brophy ©2000 Mark Brophy, All Rights Reserved. This story was predicated by an email that started out with this explanation from Merlin about why the OV-10 community was so friendly and unique: Grump Hodgson once described it to me as a product

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Use The Landing Checklist!

Especially if you're used to flying helicopters... By Ron Wootton Ron Wootton writes:I was with HML-267 at MCALF Camp Pendleton in 1968-1969 as an electrician (1141) in the engineering support section (aka "buildings and grounds")... one of our projects of some note was to build a really big sign with big bold letters and install it

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NASA Donates Entire Bronco Fleet to OBA

Keys to be handed over at Langley this Thursday By OBA Staff Maintenance crews prepare Bronco 524 for Thursday's ceremony. (NASA Photo) April 1, 2004: Citing a desire to keep the OV-10 Bronco fleet flying rather than to see them scrapped due to potential budget cuts, NASA recently announced that on April 1, 2004, it would

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The Last Flight of Covey 87

Darrel Whitcomb (author of the BAT 21 book) contributed this eyewitness account about the only OV-10 pilot to win the Congressional Medal of Honor. By Darrel Whitcomb We are pleased to present this article about Steve Bennett, the only OV-10 driver to win the Congressional Medal of Honor in Vietnam. This was written and contributed

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