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Rolfe Hunt's hair-raising tale of cutting things just a little too close in Elephant Valley! By Rolfe Hunt ©1999 Rolfe Hunt, All Rights Reserved.I served with Major Wheeler, Hostage Nan, in VMO-2 at the time he was shot down. A great guy and somewhat unusual among us OV-10 drivers - to me he seemed kind, gentle,

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The Last Rocket

Rolfe Hunt's graphic true story about having to save a group of Marines on the run. By Rolfe Hunt This story from Rolfe Hunt is fiction based closely on fact. The need for extract of the team, the search for sniper, the hit with the last rocket, and thoughts afterward are as factual as memory allows. All

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Better Hide That Bulldog, Marine!

An amusing anecdote about what happens when a Bronco squadron gets ahold of someone else's mascot, and a few other memories By Greg Ciesielski ©2001 Greg Ciesielski, All Rights Reserved.Hi,I found your site via eBay, I was looking for USMC patches. Wow! What a great trip down memory lane. I am a former Marine 1979-1983

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