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Air Classics

This is an article about the California Department of Forestry (CDF) and its P2Vs. The article includes some OV-10 material and some nice pictures. You might want to check it out. It has a P2V on the cover and the OV-10 material is in the article titled Mission With Tanker 05. (Thanks to Grump for this report) By

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Sport Aviation

Sport Aviation, the EAA-sponsored TV show on the Speedvision network, has been showing a segment lately (late February/early March 2000) from the Weald Air Show in England, including about 30 seconds of footage of the French OV-10B performing flybys. Also of interest is a segment from another recent episode about the Ravens. By Mike Whaley

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On The Inside; Universal Studios advertisements

Universal Studios in California has a mock-up of an OV-10 on pontoons used in one of their shows (Waterworld?), and recent (Dec. 99) commercials on The Discovery Channel for their On The Inside series show a clip of it crashing (as part of the show) in association with their special about theme parks. Universal has also been

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