While we value all the contributions we get large and small, there are some folks that have gone above and beyond to help bring this site to you. Some by especially unique contributions, some by historical research, some by simply taking lots of time to research or proofread, some by other encouragements. The group of Great Ones includes

Chuck Burin, DoB, USMC (Ret.) (IGOR14@bigfoot.com)
Hostage IGOR served in VMO-2 and is one of the most well-known Bronco people around. Chuck is a founder and the historian of the OBA. He has extensive records pertaining to every OV-10 built and frequently contributes to many articles and books about the OV-10. If you ever need to verify something about the history of the plane, he’s your man. At Bronco Fest 99, he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Broncology for his efforts. Chuck works for OSHA in Minneapolis MN. We try to have Chuck verify all historical data on this site, if he approves it, it’s right!

Jim “Grump” Hodgson, Capt. USMC (Ret.) (txavi8or@gmail.com)
Jim – or as his friends call him, Grump – is, as much as anyone, responsible for the existence of this site and the OBA through his constant support, encouragement, help and hard work. He was in VMO-2 in the early 70’s, and flew F-4s until he joined Continental Airlines in 1978 where he is a 737 captain today. Jim is responsible for the design of the double-horseshoe UU logo of VMO-2, and he is the Secretary/Treasurer of the OBA. Jim also is the proprietor of Aviation Collectibles of Texas.

Brendan Searle (bcs@netspeed.com.au)
We call Brendan the Wonder Down Under for his frequent contributions and for his high-quality materials like the flight manuals. His father was one of the Australian (ANZUS) exchange pilots that flew USAF Broncos in Vietnam. Brendan has contributed a number of things to the site and to the OBA and he stays on top of Bronco news in that general part of the world for us, as well as doing research and cross-referencing of things between various sources. We can also thank him for the web versions of the flight manuals as well as the PDF membership form for OBA. Brendan was also the OBA’s first Australian member

Col. Cliff Acree was CO of VMO-2 during Desert Storm and when his OV-10A was shot down, he and his backseater Guy Hunter became the first coalition POWs. Cindy is Cliff’s wife, who turned both of their experiences into the truly stunning book The Gulf Between Us (available from the OBA PX!) It ought to be read by, well, everyone.

USMC (ahearns@bigfoot.comhttp://www.ntr.net/~ahearns/ov10.htm)
Dan flew Broncos in VMO-2 during Desert Storm. He contributed info for the USMC and model pages.

USMC (Bronco1553@aol.com)

OBA member T.C. Antonsen served with every VMO the Marines ever had, has also worked for CDF and BATF, and was part of mobile training teams sent to Morocco and Colombia. Lots of OV experience here! T.C. lives in New Orleans.

David used two Testors plastic Bronco kits with the Paragon conversion kit to make a great before-and-after OV-10A/OV-10D project. Then he documented it with great pictures and webpages, and allowed us to repost it here.

Doug is in Running Springs, CA and is working on a Power Slope Scale OV-10 Sailplane.

Mark was an AO in VMO-1 from Aug. 75 to Aug. 78. He was one of two AO’s who took part in the OT-II of the OV-10D at Pax River around Feb. 78.

Morgan has built a BIG (136 inch) Bronco model and has contributed to the models page.

Maney Aircraft / Bronco Flyer Editor (LeBsktr@aol.com)
Tammi is the former editor-in-chief of the quarterly Bronco Flyer newsletter. The Bronco Flyer is sent to OBA members and OV-10 users worldwide.

Brad has sent us some info on the NASA birds.

Jean-Loup Cardey is one of the pilots of the only Bronco in flying condition in France, based at Montélimar with “Amicale des Avions Anciens de la Drôme”.

USMC (greglisa@ncfreedom.net)
Greg has been with HML-267/H&MS-39, HMA-369, and as a civilian with NARF. He sent us the story of how HML-267’s mascot ended up with horseshoes on his posterior.

Jeff sent some info about the NOGS prototype.

Ken built a giant-scale OV-10 model and has contributed to the model page.

(davidculp@nlenx.com or http://www.nlenx.com/DaveC/)
David sent in some great close-up black & white detail shots of OV-10 armament, used for USAF training. Dave flew Broncos in the Air Force with the 20th TASS (Tactical Air Support Squadron) for two years in Germany, then came back to Patrick AFB to instruct as part of the 549th TASTS (Tactical Air Support Training Squadron.)

German Wing OBA (tony.debruyn@EurekaAviation.com)
Tony is the head of the German Wing of the OV-10 Bronco Association, which has two flyable OV-10Bs based in Belgium.

NASA PAO (defelice@grc.nasa.gov)
David was an early and generous contributor of information on the NASA OVs. David is with the NASA Langley (now Glenn) Research Center’s Public Affairs Office.

USMC (Thomdenton@aol.com or hma1369@yahoo.com, website at http://www.geocities.com/hma1369)
Tom was an avionics mech in HMA-169, HMA-369, and HML-367 ’74-’78. He provided us with historical info on VMO-5 / HML-267.

USMC (Ret.) (edfernan@bellsouth.net)
Ed was a Bronco mechanic in the USMC during the mid 1970s and early 1980s.

Ken has sent us some model photos.

Ed served as a hydraulics mechanic with VMO-2 from “1987 until the bitter end.” He contributed info and pictures from the Desert Storm era.

Scott has made various contributions, including the Waterworld OV-10 replica story.

USMC (Heftypub@aol.com)
John is an OBA Lifer and served in VMO-2 in 1974. He contributed some pictures and info for the BroncoFest 99 section, including the great group shot in front of the DOS OV-10.

National Park Service (bruce_heise@ccmail.itd.nps.gov)
Bruce is with the Geologic Services Division of the NPS, and supplied us with much of the info on the BLM Broncos as well as various information about models.

USAF (jimcher@bendnet.com)
Brad was in the USAF for six years and is an active modeler and aircraft photographer. He contributed many of the OV-10 airshow pictures as well as model info.

USMC (jrhunt99@bellsouth.net)
Rolfe, aka Hostage Hornet, flew OV’s in VMO-2 and has contributed tales to our stories area about flying IFR in the rain through Elephant Valley and about other incidents.

USN (ktn@gte.net)
Jim hails from Everett, WA and contributed a story about the crash of an OV-10 in 1970.

USAF (19th & 22nd TASS, 1985-1988) (TJJ@TJewell.com)
Todd sent us good info about Thai OV-10s.

Mike is an OV-10 modeler and has sent project photos for the models page.

Bill sent in some material on CDF Broncos.

Kristin wrote the poem Memories On The Hill.

Erik passed along some info on models.

USMC (radboy530@home.com)
Andrew, who is still an active-duty Marine, was with VMO-2 from May 1989 until they were decommissioned in July 1993. He sent us some pictures from Bronco ops during that time, including Desert Storm.

Brian is with the National Air and Space Museum’s Archives Division and has done some research on NASA’s numbering scheme and other OV-10 related topics, and has helped us with other info as well.

OV-10Mech has varied OV-10 mechanic experience and served in the USMC.

USN (Ret.) (seanair@telepath.com)
Bob is responsible for the VAL-4 / Black Pony website, and has been kind enough to allow us to repost Bronco material on this site.

USMC (Ret.) (benjieraymond@email.msn.com)
Formerly a Bronco mech from VMO-2, Benjie has undertaken an enormous amount of work to accumulate and maintain a large list of people associated with the OV-10, mostly from the various military units that flew them. This database will be online, eventually.

RCBuilder has a model of a CDF Bronco that he’s shared with us.

Scott provided us with the spreadsheet of Bronco specifications as well as info on BLM and CDF Broncos.

Bob informed us about a set of control-line model plans (dated 1964) produced by Hobby Helpers. If anyone wants a copy, Bob has offered to help. You may call him at 217-832-7055.

Vince is an OBA member who has experience in OV-10 maintenance. He contributed site information on USMC Broncos.

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Ashby was in VMO-1 and -6. He is a life member of OBA and a member of the Board of Directors.

Jerome sent us info for the models page.

Benjamin provided us with the “A Hero is Never Dead” sketch.

Chris is from Chile and sends us some info and pictures from time to time

Mike sent us some nice photos of the USAF Museum’s OV-10A.

Heeter sent some great photos of BroncoFest III.

Stefan supplied pictures of German OV-10Bs.

John is a CDF air attack officer at the Redding Air Attack Base in Northern California (that’s the firefighting kind of Air Attack, not the shooting kind!!) and contributed some info to us on CDF matters.

USAF (ret.) (Nail25@aol.com)
Darrel, aka Nail 25 (as well as Nail 70 and Raven 25), wrote the well-known book “The Rescue of BAT 21” and was one of the on-scene FACs for that mission. He has contributed various bits of information found on this site, and sent us the story of the Thomas-Carr crash.

Kyle sent us some info for the models page.