The OV-10 Bronco Association family warmly welcomes you aboard!

(Photo courtesy John Hefty)

The OV-10 Bronco Association, Inc. was founded in 1998 to take responsibility for preserving the history of the people and events associated with the OV-10 Bronco, as well as the history of the aircraft itself. The OBA strives to educate the public of this history. To meet those goals, the OBA operates on several fronts:

  • The OBA operates an OV-10 museum at their HQ in Fort Worth, TX.
  • The OBA sponsors this website and other online resources such as e-mail lists and forums.
  • The OBA hosts Bronco-related events and get-togethers.
  • The OBA keeps track of present and former OV-10 people worldwide, maintaining a large database of OV-10 folks past and present.
  • The OBA maintains working relationships with other organizations.
  • The OBA strives to make all its endeavors enjoyable, productive, and worthwhile for members and non-members alike.
  • In June 2000, the German wing of the OBA was created, giving us a truly global reach. We have since added foreign wings in Colombia, the Philippines, and Venezuela, all with flying aircraft.
  • In January 2004, the OBA announced efforts to launch the Forward Air Controllers Museum in conjunction with other related organizations. OBA is using its resources to serve as the initial management entity, until the FACM gets off the ground. Participation from all interested individuals and organizations is strongly encouraged.


You do NOT have to have any OV-10 experience to be a part of the OBA! There are things to do for the whole family. OBA is not, never has been, and never shall be an “exclusive” organization. We have worked hard to avoid the trap of the “officers only” or “veteran’s only” mentality… anyone interested in OV-10s for any reason is fully invited to participate. (Can you spell OV-10? Great, you’re qualified to join in. No? Come anyway, we’ll teach you.)

We have a wide diversity of people in our ranks. Our 2001-2003 Board of Directors includes the recipient of the Air Force Association’s (AFA) prestigious Member of the Year award, as well as a member who has never been in the military. The president of the OBA is a Naval aviator, the vice president is Air Force, and the Executive Director is a Marine. We have members from the Air Force, Marines, Navy, State Dept., CDF, Rockwell, NAA, Boeing, NASA, many foreign militaries, and a bunch of civilians in our ranks. We have former and current pilots and ground crews, members of the original NAA design team, enlisted and officers, civilians, wives, children, and pets of OV-10 people. The only real commonality is that we all want to preserve the legacy of the Bronco and those who flew, worked on, designed, or are otherwise associated with it.

We sincerely hope that you will consider becoming involved. There is much to do, and the most important thing by far is a willingness to help out – whether by simply joining, taking charge of some project, or anything in between. First and foremost, we like to keep it fun!

In October 2001, the original OV-10 factory mockup arrived at its new home in the OBA Museum in Ft. Worth!! At Broncofest IV in July 2003, due in large part of the efforts of the retired Lockheed workers restoration group, the Mockup was officially presented to the world. This is a vital piece of your OV-10 history… please consider helping out with its ongoing restoration. The Mockup is now serving as an educational and eye-catching centerpiece to our growing collection.
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Learn About the OV-10 Bronco Association


Early in 1998, interested parties and former Bronco drivers, living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, began discussing the formation of an OV-10 Association. Its purpose would be preserving the history of the people who worked on or flew the OV-10, to include, military and civilian, foreign or domestic and educating the general public about that history. The OV-10 Bronco Association, or OBA as it has become known, will always be a “work in progress.”Founding members Jim Graham, Tom Skutca, Ron Fix, Jack Ballard, Mike Whaley, Chuck Burin, Jim Hodgson, and Mike Richardson created the OV-10 Bronco Association in July of 1998, catalyzed by the acquisition of an OV-10 by Mike Richardson and the Texas Air Command museum. Although the Association has no formal agreement with Texas Air Command, OBA members have been active in assisting in their restoration efforts. The Association continues to pursue meaningful ways to assist groups and museums to restore and display examples of the OV-10 here in the United States and in other countries. The OBA is currently headquartered at Meacham Field in Fort Worth with the well-known Vintage Flying Museum.

Statement of Purpose / Mission Statement

I. Preserve and perpetuate the history of the OV-10 Bronco and the people who designed, built, flew and maintained the aircraft from its inception until the present.II. Actively collect and maintain a comprehensive data bank of the history of the OV-10, and provide recognition and support to all past and current contributors, suppliers and operators of the aircraft.

This shall include:

  1. History of each aircraft.
  2. All technical and maintenance data.
  3. Archives of individuals and units that made significant contributions to the aircraft, including oral histories.
  4. Any film, video, models or artifacts.
  5. Database of all personnel from OV-10 military units and government agencies.
  6. Any data pertaining to operations by other countries.
  7. Develop a newsletter for membership communication and information updates.
  8. Promotion of reunions and social gatherings.
  9. Maintain a World Wide Web site for presenting information and collecting feedback.

III. Restore at least one OV-10 to flying condition.

Action Plan

Incorporation of the OV-10 Bronco Association, Inc. was accomplished on July 3, 1998, as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. We have been awarded tax exempt status with the IRS, and the OBA is currently complying with requirements for GSA distribution authorization. In addition, on December 14, 1998 the Texas Historical Commission recognized the Association as a bona fide Museum.During February of 1999, the Association took up residence in the facilities of the Vintage Flying Museum, (VFM) at Meacham Field in Fort Worth, Texas. In June 2009, after numerous and frequent expansions at the VFM, the Association had finally outgrown the facility and moved a little ways to their current facility on the south end of Meacham Field.

We envision participation with the Association to take many forms, from casual observers to individuals or corporations becoming members willing to donate time, money, expertise or momentos.

This initial phase of formation is being devoted to organizational development and collecting names of individuals who share our interest in the OV-10 and soliciting their support. We are also actively soliciting contributions of manuals, photos, squadron insignia, stories, memorabilia, etc. to build a collection for display. These contributions may be either permanent or on loan to the museum for the purpose of display or copying, as in the case of manuals, photos or squadron insignia.

Identification of volunteers willing to donate time or expertise to the restoration and database formation is also needed.

Financial support for this endeavor is crucial. To generate funding, we have established various membership levels (see the Join the OBA tab for an application and more details.)

We also welcome corporate donations and sponsorships. Please contact Jim Hodgson for details.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcome your questions and interest. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Join the OBA, Forward Air Controller’s Museum (FACM) or Ft. Worth Veteran’s Memorial Air Park (VMAP).

Thank you for your interest in joining or re-enlisting with us!

The OV-10 Bronco Association (OBA), Forward Air Controller’s Museum (FACM), and the Ft. Worth Veteran’s Memorial Air Park (VMAP) have joined forces for the purposes of membership… so now, you can enlist in any (or all) of these great efforts using a single application form!

Return to:

P. O. Box 161966
Fort Worth, TX 76161
Phone: 800-575-0535

The OV-10 Bronco Association, Inc. is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Membership is open to any interested party – OV-10 experience is not required. All money contributed through dues or other donations goes towards helping the OBA continue to meet our stated goal of preserving and presenting the story of the OV-10 Bronco and the many people who have been associated with it. Even more than money, your involvement is also extremely important to our continued success – and if you can spell “O-B-A” then you’re more than qualified to become a valuable contributor to the group! Please consider helping out… even small contributions of your time help us to move us forward!

Do you live outside the United States?

If you are outside the USA, there is a good chance that there is an OBA Wing based near you! Membership in an OBA Wing makes you a full member of the OBA, plus you’ll get linked up with other members of the Bronco family in your region of the world. You can then participate in Wing events and activities, which even includes Bronco restoration and operations in some cases! Click on the list below for information specific to an OBA Wing near you.

OBA Wings

On October 20, 2001 (during BroncoFest III) the OV-10 Bronco Association proudly announced the formation of the Colombian Wing of the OV-10 Bronco Association (CWOBA). This wing was formed from the Colombian OV-10 Pilots Association, under the guidance of Jorge Gutierrez (kfireto@hotmail.com)
The CWOBA includes a diverse mix of people – some members are current OV-10 pilots and maintenance crews with the Colombian Air Force (The Fuerza Aerea Colombiana, or FAC), some are former pilots and crews, and some are even former U.S. Air Force and U.S. Marine Corps personnel. Some members work with the U.S. State Department’s anti-narcotics efforts, flying or maintaining State’s OV-10Ds. The FAC has flown OV-10As for many years in the COIN role, and some of their pilots are credited with many thousands of hours and hundreds of combat kills in the border-patrol and counterinsurgency role.

Please check out the Latest CWOBA Update!

On June 18, 2000, the OV-10 Bronco Association was proud to announce the formation of the German Wing of the OV-10 Bronco Association (GWOBA), which is actually located in Belgium. The wing is chaired by Tony DeBruyn (tony.debruyn@EurekaAviation.com) of Eureka Aviation. Tony and his wing have two former German Air Force OV-10Bs, which should be suitable for ferry in the next several weeks. Then they will be presented on the European airshow circuit later this summer.

The OBA began the relationship with Tony and his wing as a parts location information center, and as the relationship matured it made sense to form the GWOBA. The synergy that the first international OBA wing brings in achieving the OBA’s Mission Statement goals is substantial.

You can also read the initial announcement of the formation of the GWOBA.

Please check out the Latest GWOBA Update!

We have a bunch of pictures of the event held July 19, 2000 at Fassberg AFB.



On September 24, 2000, the OV-10 Bronco Association was proud to announce the official formation of the second international OBA wing, known as the Philippine Wing. The PWOBA is comprised mainly of the 16th Attack Squadron of the Philippine Air Force, which spends much of its time performing maritime patrol over the Spratlys, forest protection, rainmaking and search and rescue missions using OV-10s. The commander of the PWOBA is Captain Silvestre U. Glinoga.

Due to military restrictions imposed due to what is currently going on in the Philippines associated with the attempts to free the hostages being held by terrorists, we aren’t able to get as much information on some things as we otherwise could. (This is just one of the minor inconveniences you run across while dealing with an airplane type that’s still in active military and governmental service!) However, the PWOBA will provide us with as much unclassified information and photos as they can, which we will bring to you as it becomes available.

The Philippine Air Force has operated OV-10As for 26 years, and the 16th has had them since 1992 when they replaced the AT-28D’s flown by the unit since 1972. The first combat-qualified female pilots in the PAF fly Broncos with the 16th as well. As the 16th continues to fly the OV-10, they are still writing a significant chapter in the great book of Bronco history.

Click here to read the initial announcement of the formation of the PWOBA.

Please check out the Latest PWOBA Update!

On October 20, 2001 (during BroncoFest III) the OV-10 Bronco Association was proud to announce the formation of the Venezuelan Wing of the OV-10 Bronco Association (VWOBA). This wing is mainly comprised of our friends in Special Operations Group 15 of the Venezuelan Air Force (FAV). The OBA has had a long-term association with the Venezuelan Bronco crews, known as the Bronqueros, and we’re happy to formalize our association with them!

Many VWOBA pilots have thousands of flight hours in the OV-10A and E. A large part of their flying is devoted to border patrol and combat operations against guerilla forces such as the FARC. These guerillas are responsible for a long campaign of terror, drug trading, and the deaths of thousands of innocent people, and they often attempt to flee from Colombian authorities by crossing the border into Venezuela. These countries have established cooperative programs to prevent these forces from finding refuge by simply crossing the border. As 1Lt Angel Condi pointed out during BroncoFest III, what Americans think of as their Bronco past is now South America’s Bronco present.

Please check out the Latest VWOBA Update!

OBA & Wing Updates

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OBA Communication Forums

The OBA’s newsletter. A full hardcopy version is sent free to OBA members (selected articles are archived online by Maney Aircraft.)

To enable the Bronco community to keep in touch, the OBA operates powerful and versatile mailing lists. The basic purpose of these lists is similar to a list server, whereby list members can post messages that go out to all other members. However, we have many other useful functions available to us as well that traditional mailing lists don’t match:

  • Postings are visible on the WWW, so the list also acts much like an online forum and essentially archives itself.
  • From the web, you can search for postings by keyword.
  • We have polling, so all members can vote on issues of general interest.
  • There is a vault area where we can post documents or files that are of interest to all users.
  • Users may subscribe to receive postings immediately via email, in a digest that collects the day’s postings into one email message, or they may choose to view them only on the web.
  • Additional features include chat, links, a calendar, databases, etc.
  • The list has features to prevent spamming.

There is the option to monitor who may join the list, or even moderate what’s posted if that was to be desired. (The lists are unmoderated at this time, moderation is primarily useful to limit wasted bandwidth or abuse on high-traffic lists.) While not all features are necessarily actively in use at any given time, they are all available for use as needed or desired.

These lists are hosted on Yahoo! Groups (formerly eGroups.com) and we have found the service to be very reliable and useful. One benefit we all appreciate is the anti-spam feature. When you sign up, part of your email address is replaced by blanks when it appears on the website so that email-collection programs cannot automatically collect your email address. While you can often guess the correct character to use to convert it back into the right address, this is not something that would be of much practical use to a mass-mailer. We hate spam and have seen no problems at all stemming from being subscribed to these lists, even after much use.

The only tradeoff for all this is that eGroups automatically inserts about three lines at the top of each message comprising a link to one of their sponsors. This is usually fairly unobtrusive and should not cause any problems for anyone.

We currently maintain five regular lists. Go to the associated URL to sign up and access the list’s features.

  • The first list, OV-10 Fans, is primarily intended for anyone and everyone interested in Broncos. It is not restricted in membership. Sign up at:
  • The second list, the OBA Members list, is intended primarily for OBA members and associates. Membership must be approved by the list administrator, although we are not being too picky at this time about it. The site for this list is at:
  • The third list is for OBA Life members to discuss matters like the OBA’s future direction. Membership for this list is by invitation only and is restricted to OBA Life Members. Please contact us if you’re a Lifer and don’t have access yet.
  • The fourth list is for members and friends of the OBA German Wing (GWOBA), based in Belgium. The site for this list is at:
  • The fifth list is for anyone interested in OV-10s (whether an OBA member or not) who lives in the Metroplex (Dallas / Fort Worth) area of Texas. This is where we announce meetings, events, get-togethers, and other things going on near or at OBA HQ at Meacham Field. The address for this list is at:


Click A Button To Subscribe:
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From time to time we may create special lists for smaller groups of people – for example, people that have indicated they are going to attend the next Bronco Fest. This provides a quick way to disseminate information to people who have indicated an interest in attending, and it also allows people toarrange travel plans with each other, etc.


Before you sign up for this (or any) e-mail list, please take a few moments to review these rules of list etiquette. It’s all just pretty common-sense stuff, but it is important that everybody follows these simple guidelines for the enjoyment of all.

Please keep traffic on the list related to the purpose of the list. Threads tend to eventually drift way off the subject of OV-10s and related things. That’s fine and enjoyable, but please take it to private email once the discussion drifts away from something of interest to all (or at least more than two or three people.)

When you reply to a post, please be careful to reply back to only the person who posted it, unless the reply is of interest to all of the list members too. Especially for criticisms, personal issues, and non-OV stuff… forgetting this one needlessly clutters up mailboxes and can embarrass yourself and others! Different email clients handle replying differently, but clicking your “Reply to all” button will usually put both the list’s and the original poster’s addresses in the “To” box of your reply message. Then just delete the address for the list, leave the other one, and you’re set.

TYPING IN UPPER-CASE LETTERS ALL THE TIME IS THE INTERNET EQUIVALENT OF SCREAMING AT SOMEONE. IT IS ALSO TIRING ON THE EYES TO READ MESSAGES IN ALL UPPER-CASE LETTERS. however it is generally accepted to be lazy in emails and not worry too much about capitalization for the most part. therefore typing in all lower-case is usually fine and dandy. nobody is likely to care. they’ll just be glad you’ve stopped SCREAMING! 🙂

We all screw up, sooner or later. There will always be newbies that just don’t know this stuff yet, and if you’re afflicted with that condition called being human then you’re gonna say something you probably shouldn’t have, sooner or later. Just like in any other form of communication, not letting little things get to you goes a long way towards making it all work out well for everyone. If you see someone doing something “wrong” on the list, why not take a moment to email them privately and let them know, I bet they’ll appreciate it. It will only take a minute and you’ll be helping to make the list into something of more value to all.

If you reply to something, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE delete the text of the original posting from your reply!!!! It’s a waste of time, mailbox space, bandwidth, and reading effort to get a 50-line reply to a post that consists of two lines of new info, 8 lines of headers, and 40 lines of the original post they’re replying to (with all the stuff THEY didn’t delete either.) If you are replying to a small part of a post, just leave the line or two that your reply pertains to for clarification purposes, and delete the irrelevant parts.


6. HAVE FUN!!!
That’s what it’s all ultimately all about. Have fun, enjoy the list, make new friends here, talk about Broncos, tell war stories, ask questions, don’t worry, be happy! 🙂

Please contact Merlin or Grump if you have any questions about using or posting to any of the lists. We’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to ask!

The Online Forums Are Here!!

At long last, the OV-10 Bronco Association is proud to announce the long-awaited establishment of interactive forums for OV-10 Bronco fans everywhere!! This will allow Association members or any other interested party to have a place to discuss the Bronco in an interactive format, including the ability to post and answer information requests, have ongoing discussions, and even chat in real-time with other Bronco lovers!

In case you are unfamiliar with web-based online forums, message boards, or newsgroups, here is how it works. A forum is simply a site on the WWW where people can go to interactively exchange information on a certain topic, in this case, OV-10s and related things. A user logs into the forum with his or her web browser, and is presented with a listing of messages posted by users of the forum. Clicking on a particular topic – a category for discussion within the forum – will show the complete text of the specific messages under that topic which have been posted. The user may then reply to these message with an answer (or just add more information), they may post a new message of their own, or they may simply continue down the list and read other messages. Information posted to a forum can range from a short question about something (“How many Broncos were built in 1972?”) to a short introduction of oneself to the group all the way up to a long story about a particularly exciting combat mission… and anything else that may be related.

Users establish a login when they first go to the site, so that they may gain posting privileges and can set site options for themselves. This is stored either as part of the forum’s database or simply as a browser “cookie” file on the user’s machine. Once you are established as a user, you shouldn’t need to change your login information very often, if at all. The forum has a person in charge, usually the founder (the person who set it up in the first place) and that person has the ability to moderate postings… so if someone comes in and posts things wildly irrelevant or abusive, such as the nearly-inevitable and hopefully infrequent spam message trying to sell you all sorts of garbage nobody wants, those postings can be removed quickly. The OV-10 public forum is set up to allow anyone to login and participate just by going through the setup procedures. There is no cost or checking up on your information, so you don’t have to give out your name or any private information. However, it is possible to control who can log in in the first place, based on the permissions granted to their nickname… this is often done for “members only” type forums, or any situation where only a certain group of people should have access to the forum. Typically you cannot gain access to those forums until the founder invites you in specifically, although some of these allow you to request to be made a member, and the request is sent to the forum founder or their designee for final approval.

Typical topics for this forum will of course relate to the OV-10 Bronco Association and OV-10s in general. As the Association is a gathering place for people associated with or interested in OV-10s, a fair number of the postings will be people introducing themselves, looking for other OV-10 types, or looking for information about units that flew the Bronco. There will also be postings related directly to the aircraft itself, to the business of the Association, and other such topics. (Below we will discuss the private forum designed to handle things that are more of an Association business nature.) Inappropriate topics would include discussions of last week’s football game (even if the Broncos were playing), ANY form of advertising unless it’s strictly related to OV-10s (best to just ask first if you’re unsure on this one), and anything meant to be abusive or disruptive to other users. This should be obvious but just in case it’s not, just remember that every user of this site is (allegedly) interested in Broncos and the postings should be related to that in some way, shape or form. There are a ton of other forums and newsgroups out there on every topic imaginable, so please use those for topics that aren’t related to the OV-10 Association. Also, you never know who will stop by so please don’t be too rude or vulgar, there are all sorts of differnt users out there, and some of them (or their parents) may not appreciate having to see a bunch of four-letter words in a public forum. (OK, ’nuff said.)

Before you can post to the forum, you will have to sign in. As Yahoo! (who hosts the forum) may modify the exact details of how they handle new logins over time, I will leave the details to their help pages, however the general procedure is as follows:

A user who has never been to Yahoo forums must first register a nickname (i.e. Merlin_FAC – which is your fearless webmaster’s forum nickname.) At the same time you also choose a password, and set some other info, such as a profile of yourself, your location, etc. You must also enter an email address, although this can be set to not publicly display… a good idea to avoid spam. Once you do this, you can log into the room as a guest. Guests can view the postings, but cannot make a post of their own. To post, you must click the “join this club” link. This will lead to your receipt of an email containing a URL encoded with your name, the forum name, etc. When you go to the address emailed to you, you may enter a comment to appear next to your nickname in a list of users and also read the terms-of-use agreement. When you click the “Agree” button, you should be in. Note: when I did this, clicking the button produced a Windows 95 error message. I tried it about 10 times with the same result, it never went on to let me into the forum. However, I finally just ignored the message and went to the forum URL I had bookmarked at the beginning, and it accepted me as a full member… all was well. Apparently it got me registered, but for some reason the registration page just failed to forward me back to the forum page properly when it was done. For a private forum, it is the same except if you go there before being invited, you get a “go away” screen. For me the initial registration after being invited produced the same error from the join screen, with the same solution. I suspect that going to a forum from the invitation email without having already establishing a Yahoo identity would just lead you to get to the nickname creation screen first.

The forums also have a chat feature that is similar to AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ or IRC if you are familiar with those. I will skip a detailed explanation, but it is pretty simple and you are quite unlikely to break anything by trying it out!! Many users can chat at once, it’s a neat way to communicate with other Bronco fans in real-time without accumulating phone bills!

We run two forums, one is unlisted and private, and one is listed and open to public access. The public forum is intended to cover anything OV-10 related, and we welcome any and all comers with an interest in this aircraft, or who want to find people that they served with in an OV-10 unit, etc. The Ready Room is a private forum (i.e. by invitation only) and is reserved for members of the OV-10 Bronco Association to communicate with each other, discuss Association business and issues, and meet regularly via the chat as an added benefit of membership. You will find that OBA members frequent both forums, however.

We welcome and encourage you to check out the public forum and try it out for yourself. The address is:


Visit OBA

A major part of the purpose and charter of the OV-10 Bronco Association is to run a museum dedicated to preserving the history associated with the Bronco. To this end, we accept donations of memorabilia. The memorabilia is catalogued, and we display as much of it as possible. As new things are donated all the time, it is hard to say exactly whether we currently have a particular item that we didn’t have previously. We do have a whole lot of stuff, though, ranging from original Dash-1’s (flight manuals) to patches to gunsights to the first OV-10 Mockup and major airframe components. Ultimately we will have a flying museum, at least one flying Bronco that will be available for airshows and the like.

Visiting The Museum

The OBA Museum facility is located at the south end of Meacham Field in Fort Worth, TX. Please stop on in and see us, we’d love to show you around!!

If you wish to fly your aircraft directly into Meacham Field (FTW), extensive information is available from AirNav.com. We recommend parking your aircraft at Texas Jet – they are near the museum, and many folks say they’re the best FBO ever. Tell them the OBA sent you!


For thorough information on flying into Meacham field, visit AirNav.com OBA/VFM’s location is denoted by “Museum” on this map (adapted from material published by AirNav.com, current as of 11/1/01)

Do You Want to Donate Something, or Request a Loan from OBA’s Collection?

Eventually we may be able to bring you some or all of our museum archive listings to this website, so you may easily see what is in the collection from anywhere in the world. For now, if you have a need to get information about a particular item, or if you have something related to Broncos that you would like to donate to a group that would ensure that it’s properly preserved and available to share with future generations, please contact us directly. Our museum curator is Garry “Niedermeyer” Goff (USAF, 704 & 27 TASS), who may be reached at joepilot@integrity.com.

Read the OBA Collections Policy (MS Word, 127KB) – This explains the terms under which the OBA handles donations and loans of our collection.

Occasionally, we’ve had inquiries from people concerned that OBA might be selling donated items on online auction sites for profit. This is not true. Keep in mind that OBA members often trade/sell/buy items in this manner on a personal basis, and often turn around and donate items so purchased to the museum collection. Except by special arrangement, all donations to the OBA collection become the legal exclusive property of the Association, and cannot be sold except as in accordance with our charter and official policies.

Situations may arise in which it is quite prudent to use “excess” donated materials (i.e., items which are not considered to be rare, and are duplicated within the collection, or are not directly OV-10 related) in order to obtain other items which are rare, have a great historical value, that we don’t have any examples of, or that are more closely related to our purpose. For example, we may trade someone a couple of patches that we already have 10 copies of in exchange for a patch that is very difficult to find. Or if we have acquired an oxygen mask from an F-4, we may be able to trade it for an OV-10 navigation light. Bartering is standard operating procedure for most aviation-related museums, and often is an important part of building up the depth of a museum’s collection. Please keep in mind that by donating an item that later is traded or used to fund the purchase of an OV-10 item, you have still played an important role in building our museum and expanding our collection!

We work hard to maintain the trust of our donors and members, and we are to be held accountable to them that we are properly handling all assets entrusted to us. We want to preserve at least one or two examples of every Bronco-related item that we can find, and often more if possible. Only when that goal is furthered do we consider the sale or trade of excess items – most donations will remain in OBA’s collection permanently. If you have any concerns or ideas, or would like to help maintain our growing collection, please Contact Garry and tell us – we welcome all the help we can get!

(Photo courtesy John Hefty)

Bronco-Related Events

The OV-10 Bronco Association actively participates in, and holds, events to serve our mission of preserving, perpetuating, and educating people about the history of the OV-10 and those associated with it in any capacity.

As we participate in events, this section will be the “Home Base” for information related to particular events. Before the event, we will post info to help you plan to attend. After the event, we will have the post-event reports, pictures, attendee lists, etc.

The OBA sponsors events periodically, the largest of which is BroncoFest. As of the wildly successful BroncoFest 99 event, we decided to hold BF ever other year, and attend other allied group’s events during the intervening time. This way, we can expand our participation in the OV-10 community as a whole, and don’t have to compete with the other great events that are held on alternating years. We do have smaller events at various times, like the annual OBA Birthday Barbecue.

There is currently info on the following events:

1st Annual Vietnam Flight Web Conference

23 February 2001 - 25 February 2001

BroncoFest III

18 October 2001 - 20 October 2001

Fred Smith to Recieve Award

2 April 2002 @ 09:00 - 17:00

BroncoFest IV

10 October 2003 - 12 October 2003

Bronco Fest 99

5 December 2018 @ 08:00 - 17:00

Previous OBA Events

26 January 2019 @ 08:00 - 17:00

Don’t forget to send in your reports and/or pictures from these events!!

The OV-10 Factory Mockup
Restoration Project

In July 2001, the OV-10 Bronco Association completed the purchase of the original factory mockup of the OV-10. Read the final update on the Bronco Roundup.

Original OV-10 Mockup

In December 2000, the OV-10 Bronco Association acquired the original full-size factory mockup of the OV-10. This was the first OV-10, even if it wasn’t built to fly. It’s not cheap acquisition ($25,000) and we only had 6 months to raise the money to purchase, disassemble, and transport it, with the balance being for restoring it to new condition. By June 2001, we raised enough that we could finalize the purchase, leaving only the problem of transporting it from California to our Ft. Worth museum. While we own it now, we still need funds to move and restore it… please consider donating!

We will periodically be reporting on the progress so far via this page and through various email lists like OV-10Fans and FACNET.

Here is the history of the fundraising effort. We thank everyone who helped make this project come to fruition!

Dec. 19, 2000 (Start) $ 0 0%
Jan. 4, 2001 $ 6,000 24%
Jan. 9, 2001 $ 7,000 28%
Jan. 17, 2001 $ 9,000 36%
Jan. 21, 2001 $ 10,000 40%
Mar. 4, 2001 $ 12,000 48%
Apr. 16, 2001 $ 14,000 56%
May 5, 2001 $ 15,000 60%
May 26, 2001 $ 16,000 64%
August 5, 2001 $ 21,000 84%
Average donation amount $ 220
Per-member donation index** $ 20
** Every OBA member would have to give this amount to meet the goal right now (started out at $125)

12/19 01/04 01/09 01/17 01/21 03/04 04/16 05/05 05/26 08/05
A special thank you to the following people who committed funds or pledges. Their support, as well as yours, is vital to the success of this “Bronco Roundup” Historical Aircraft Preservation Fund. Please join us in bringing this Bronco back home and restore it for public display. Even if you can only spare a few dollars, that will still help us to restore it – and you’ll have a part in preserving history!

Group/Corporate Donors:
The USN VAL-4 Black Pony Association ($500)
Individual Donors:
Cliff Acree (USMC VMO-2)
Ed Alexander (USN)
Henry Bader (Civilian)
Seth Bailin (Civilian)
Kurt Barto (USMC VMO-1)
Dr. Melvin Biggs (USN VAL-4)
Knox Bishop (USAF)
Jim Bloomberg (USAF)
George Boehmer 
Robert Breen (USAF VMO-2,4)
Chuck Burin (USMC VMO-2)
Jim Carlton (USAF 20,23 TASS)
Jim Dearborn (USMC NOGS,VMO-2,4)
Peter De Lisa (Civilian)
John Dowell (VMO-2)
Gordy Evans (USMC VMO-2)
Robert Fielding (USAF 507 TASS)
Ron Fix (USMC VMO-2)
Frank Furr (USAF 20 TASS)
John Gibbs (USAF 23 TASS)
Garry Goff (USAF 27,704 TASS)
Jack Goodman (USAF 20,23 TASS)
Don Haller (USAF 20,23 TASS)
John Hefty (USMC VMO-2)
Ned Helm (USAF 19,20,23 TASS)
David Himes 
Mary Anne Harrison (Civilian)
Jim Hodgson (USMC VMO-2)
Larry Hone (USN VAL-4)
David Jackson (Civilian)
Ray Janes (USAF 19,23 TASS)
Hank Keese (USAF)
Tom Kemp (USAF 23 TASS)
RAdm Verle Klein (USN VAL-4)
Debbie Lambert (USAF)
Dan Lamontagne 
John Lee (USAF 20 TASS)
Ralph Lippe (USMC VMO-2)
George Lodge (USAF)
Warren McGowan (NAA)
Claude Newland (USAF)
Jack Norton (USMC VMO-2)
Eric Raymond (USMC VMO-2)
Mark Robin (USAF 27 TASS)
Jon Robson 
Larry Schulte (USMC VMO-2)
M.S. Schuman (USN VAL-4)
Ken Semmler (RAAF)
Ashby Shoop (USMC VMO-6)
Tim Sikorski (USN VAL-4)
Stewart Sir Louis (USMC VMO-4)
Bill Sleigh (USAF 19 TASS)
Bob Smith (USMC VMO-2)
Gordy Squires (USMC VMO-4)
Dave Stockley (USN VAL-4)
Wayne Svenson 
Randy Thurman (USAF 23 TASS)
Wallace Trukki (USAF 20 TASS)
Ron Van Kirk (USAF 19,23 TASS)
K.D. Waters (USMC VMO-2)
Mike Whaley (Civilian)
Gary Whitson (USN VAL-4)
Jim Wolff (USAF 19 TASS)
Richard Wood (USAF 19 TASS)
Glenn Wright (USAF 23 TASS)

You should also check out the original update explaining the story of how we began the mockup project. You can read it here.

Bronco Products

PX (Store)

Well-known OBA’er and former FAC Ned “Crash” Helm operates Wingset, which has agreed to take on PX responsibilities for offering OV-10 and FAC-related memorabilia to the public. Proceeds support the OBA, FACM, and VMAP.

Please visit the Wingset Online PX today!

Classified Ads

Want to sell a Bronco left aileron trim tab? Searching for a buddy you worked on Broncos with? Need a discontinued Bronco scale model kit? Then you’re in the right place!! These are the only Classified Ad listings we know of dedicated exclusively to the Bronco community – provided free of charge, courtesy of the OV-10 Bronco Association.

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