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Return With Honor

On Nov 13 at 2100 hours, East Coast, PBS will air this outstanding documentary of American pilots shot down in Vietnam and held as POWs. Those who have seen the pre-broadcast video say this is an incredible show. Don't miss it! (Submitted via FACNET by Gibber Gibbs) By Gibber Gibbs PBS - 11/13/00 9:00PM EST  

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Suicide Missions – Forward Air Controllers

The OBA and several members both assisted in the production of this show and also are interviewed in it! The show's description reads: "During the Vietnam War, Air Force and Marine pilots flew "low and slow" over jungles in antiquated propeller planes--often unarmed--to direct jet bombers toward target. FACs often became victims of enemy ground fire

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Planes of Fame

This show aired on the Speedvision cable network recently and featured the history of COIN aircraft, including O-1s, T-28, Skyraiders, and (of course) a segment towards the end spent on the Mighty Bronco. There is some good Bronco footage, including Ed's infamous tank test-track takeoffs and carrier ops. They may re-run this periodically, usually Speedvision features aviation

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Sport Aviation

Sport Aviation, the EAA-sponsored TV show on the Speedvision network, has been showing a segment lately (late February/early March 2000) from the Weald Air Show in England, including about 30 seconds of footage of the French OV-10B performing flybys. Also of interest is a segment from another recent episode about the Ravens. By Mike Whaley

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On The Inside; Universal Studios advertisements

Universal Studios in California has a mock-up of an OV-10 on pontoons used in one of their shows (Waterworld?), and recent (Dec. 99) commercials on The Discovery Channel for their On The Inside series show a clip of it crashing (as part of the show) in association with their special about theme parks. Universal has also been

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